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Intervista ad Elizabeth – English Teacher

IMG-20151022-WA00061) Chi sei e di cosa ti occupi nella vita?
I am an English language teacher. I am also an actress and write and produce plays and workshops for children and teenagers.

2) Che ruolo hai in ARTADEMIA?
English teacher.

3) Quali sono le cose più particolari che proporrai?
Creative workshops and also pratical role plays of everyday situations (restaurant, shops etc.)

4) Cosa ti piace di più del progetto ARTADEMIA?
Creative freedom! Free to teach and not just test.

5) Perché pensi che ARTADEMIA sia la formazione giusta da proporre a un giovane?
Artademia is right for boys and girls because it is exciting and full of energy and possibilities. It offers them the chance to learn things that normal school doesn’t consider or have time for.

6) Se ARTADEMIA fosse un cibo cosa pensi sarebbe?
An orange.

7) E se fosse un colore?
Orange obviously!

8) Quali sono i momenti più divertenti?
The best moments are then you are so into what you are doing , so involved that you forget everything else and you are part of the “now”. Completely absorbed by what has taken your interest.

9) Perché un ragazzo dovrebbe scegliere ARTADEMIA anziché la scuola tradizionale?
Because Artademia follows the natural path of curiosity and the desire to learn, motivating students by “learning by doing” and becoming part of that moment (experiment/movement etc) and not like the normal static school.

10) Quale aggettivo meglio descrive ARTADEMIA?

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